Rich-List Case Study: Stratis #3

Following on from the previous two instalments of this rich-list case study series, in this final post of the series, I will be looking at what conclusions can be drawn from not only the prior two weeks of activity but the study as a whole. It has now been a little over 5 weeks since the first instalment was published and so we will have enough data to make some confident assertions as to the speculative nature of Stratis at present.

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Rich-List Case Study: Stratis #2

It has now been three weeks since the initial rich-list case study post was published on Stratis; and yes, I was supposed to update this series biweekly but, having published a number of other posts last week, triweekly will have to suffice. In truth, the interval utilised in this approach is discretionary and many will opt for whatever is apt for their lifestyle.


Rich-List Case Study: Stratis #1

Given the transparent responses to a poll I ran recently on the usage of rich-lists in fundamental analysis of altcoins, I learned that despite most being well aware of the utility of these tools, few implement them in their analyses, predominantly due to insufficient knowledge of the approach itself.