Interviews on Crypto Me Now and Crypto Is Coming

I was recently interviewed by a couple of crypto-related blogs and websites, so I've included links to both of those below, for anyone interested: Enjoy! If you've enjoyed this post and want to receive new posts straight to your inbox, I've set up a RSS-to-Email feed that will…


Ask Me Anything #1

I thought it might be fun to do an Ask Me Anything - below are the answers to ten questions I was asked recently: 1. What do you think current exchanges and financial platforms lack? Where do you personally see the industry heading?  Adequate charting tools. The vast majority of exchanges have…


Rich-List Case Study: Blackcoin

Rich-List: an index of the largest individual addresses on a blockchain, and thereby a spyhole into the activity of the wealthiest holders of any given coin. When I was writing An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook, I figured that one of the most well-received sections would be the one that delved into…

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