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The 10 Most Promising Altcoins For 2022

For this subscriber-exclusive post, I thought I’d share my top 10 most promising altcoins for 2022, all of which I have ensured are under a ~$50mn market cap, thus providing high speculative prospects moving forward. This is an annual follow-on to last year’s post, which, with some deal of luck, went rather well. Here’s hoping 2022 is equally kind.

I’ll refrain from much preamble here but simply mention that this list covers ten of the smaller projects that I think will do well next year, with the assumption being that the bull run continues at least into part of 2022. I have provided areas of interest for entries, some of which are at present prices and some of which are yet to be tagged. Lastly, I have provided some brief expectations for price-action, but naturally this is just a bit of fun as I cannot predict precisely when price targets are hit and which targets will be hit; however, I do expect all of these projects to outperform Bitcoin and most of them to print new all-time highs should we continue the macro cycle next year.

1. Umbrella Network


Price: $0.42 (739 satoshis)

Market Cap: $51.431mn

Areas of Interest: I am already involved both from the October lows (so around the current price) and a little higher. I will continue to add to my position here and lower towards that historical support between the all-time low at 428 and support at 497, where I would be looking to dollar-cost average in for a maximum position size of 2%.

Expectations for 2022: A larger bull cycle than the mini-cycles we have seen thus far, perhaps with the all-time low acting as a spring for a classic altcoin cycle back above the all-time high at 1535 into the 1.618 extension around 2300 satoshis. Whether we go beyond this I do not know but I will be securing some profits around that level.

2. Ferrum Network


Price: $0.31 (534 satoshis)

Market Cap: $35.256mn

Areas of Interest: I still hold some FRM from the previous cycle but I am now keen to get involved again, with the current range support around 350 the ideal first entry if it comes, with 185 being a do-or-die level below that. If that level fails, we would likely return to the all-time low at 27 so I would have exited on a close below 185.

Expectations for 2022: At least a retest of the 2021 high at 2019 satoshis, if not the 1.618 extension of that at 3126 as that is often a major level tagged for a subsequent bull cycle. As you can see, R/R here is very good if we hold above 185 and can get an average entry at 350 or lower.

3. BSC Station


Price: $0.51 (883 satoshis)

Market Cap: $19.264mn

Areas of Interest: BSC Station is in the beginning stages of its first major cycle, as evidenced by the gradual rally off the bottom over recent months. As such, I don’t think those on the sidelines are going to get that lower entry at 282 and may have to wait this cycle out if that’s the price they’re willing to pay. Instead, you may see consolidation here between 525 and 770 satoshis, which is an opportune area assuming 525 holds.

Expectations for 2022: Taking out the all-time high from early trading at 2130, which is my first TP, but I will be holding plenty for the first round of price discovery for the project beyond that high.

4. Gelato


Price: $3.79 (6629 satoshis)

Market Cap: $23.233mn

Areas of Interest: This current range above the prior all-time highs at 5438 satoshis and below resistance at 7k is the only real area of interest that is not back at the lows between 1750 and 2350. So, the options are either to build a position here and cut on a loss of 5400 or wait for the next cycle low.

Expectations for 2022: Continuation towards the 2.618 extension at 13k satoshis as the first target, but plenty more upside beyond that given the tiny market cap and the project being focused on smart contract automation, which I expect to be a hot sector moving forward.

5. Ureeqa


Price: $0.33 (584 satoshis)

Market Cap: $13.453mn

Areas of Interest: Right here, right now, where I have been building a position over recent months as price has compressed in a tight range around all-time lows. Price is trading below the 200dMA, which is now flattening out just overhead and I think the first breakout above that MA in history will mark the beginning of the first bull cycle for URQA.

Expectations for 2022: As I said, the first bull cycle in its history, where I will look for sells at 3561-4300 satoshis as the first target, followed by the 50% retracement area. By that point, given the upside captured into 6500 satoshis, I will have likely sold most of my position, leaving some for a moonshot to new highs.

6. Exeedme


Price: $0.55 (970 satoshis)

Market Cap: $43.806mn

Areas of Interest: The current support above the 200dMA and prior resistance at 972 into the historical support at 653 is a good range, in my opinion, with any loss of the all-time low at 430 a clear indication to get out.

Expectations for 2022: The August high at 2050 as the first target, followed by the all-time high at 3560 and then the 1.618 extension at 5500.

7. Scream


Price: $49.61 (86,820 satoshis)

Market Cap: $7.165mn

Areas of Interest: Following a multi-month decline from the all-time high, Scream appears to have bottom and is flipping prior resistance into support once again, so I will be looking to build a position around here with invalidation on new lows.

Expectations for 2022: A proper bull cycle off the lows, leading to new all-time highs beyond 278k satoshis. Scream has rallied in the past but never seen out a full cycle and I would like to hold this one beyond that high given the tiny market cap + the TVL on Fantom.

8. My DeFi Pet


Price: $2.18 (3808 satoshis)

Market Cap: $26.516mn

Areas of Interest: Having played out one bull cycle, price has finally returned to the original accumulation zone and I am now looking at entering a position, with entries around prior range resistance at 2300 satoshis favourable, with invalidation on a weekly close below that level, where I would then look to re-enter around the all-time low at 700.

Expectations for 2022: A second, potentially larger cycle, as a play-to-earn bet on Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain, with the team comprising the founders of the latter L1 project. I think we see a return to the all-time high if DPET can capture and retain regular players.

9. Hermez Network


Price: $6.25 (10,931 satoshis)

Market Cap: $30.328mn

Areas of Interest: This zone below the 360dMA and above support at 10k satoshis is an area I am interested – I currently own zero HEZ but am very interested given the zk-rollup narrative. I would like to buy as close to 10k satoshis as possible and add at 8800 if given, with invalidation on a new low below 7500.

Expectations for 2022: Scaling narrative to become more prominent and HEZ to rally off the back of that, with first targets at the 50% fib retracement area, followed by the all-time high at 25.5k and beyond if the narrative really takes off.

10. Polker


Price: $0.22 (390 satoshis)

Market Cap: $14.323mn

Areas of Interest: Not interested in buying right here really, but dollar cost averaging between the prior highs range support and range resistance (275-340 satoshis) is one approach to entry, with the assumption that we form a bottom above that former level and begin a second cycle from there. The second scenario is a breakdown below 275, where I would exit any position and look to re-enter as close to 128 as possible.

Expectations for 2022: A bottoming above the prior all-time lows over the coming weeks that leads to a second cycle, with the major target being new all-time highs above 900 satoshis.

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