Market Outlook #93

Market Outlook #93

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Shray P

    What do you think about THETA? it been pretty steady, do you think if BTC drops to $9300 we might get THETA to .40 or lower? By the way guys, I just joined. Nic appreciate all your effort, I wonder how much time you spend in front of the computer studying stuff, I am guessing you have help.

    1. Nik

      Hey, I included my thoughts on it in the most recent Outlook post – did you see it?

  2. martin vojkuvka

    thank you for your time
    yes pNetwork

  3. martin vojkuvka

    what do you say to RUNE and PNT

    Thank you

    1. Nik

      I’ll include them in next week’s post, but from a quick glance RUNE looks like it wants sub-2200 sats. I’m assuming by PNT you mean pNetwork as there is also Penta with that ticker. If you do mean pNetwork, that looks much more attractive here, as its sitting near all-time lows and forming a base, so invalidation is clear.

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