Market Outlook #80

Market Outlook #80

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Cyril Cox

    GVT seems ready for another cycle, looking at 200, 360 DMA and what seems to me like Smart Money spikes. Curious to see your thoughts.

    1. Nik

      I’ll take a look at it next week for you!

  2. Francis O

    Hi Nik,

    CHR is at 420 satoshi now. would you advice to buy some or wait for a retracement.


    1. Nik

      Definitely wait for retracements, perhaps into 320-330

    2. Nik

      Closer to 330 sats would be ideal, in my opinion.

  3. tom greineder

    Any thoughts on ZEC? I mine a few a month and have just been flipping to BTC. Should I hold a few or just keep selling when in the 5500-6000 satoshi range? Feels like it has had little momentum for awhile now and I am better off having the BTC

    1. Nik

      I’ll take a look at it in next week’s post for you.

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