Market Outlook #75

Market Outlook #75

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  1. Al

    Great analysis, Nik!

    1. Nik


  2. Thomas Keal

    Worth every cent. Enjoy the beer!

    1. Nik

      Glad you think so mate!

  3. Henry Haley

    Hi Nik,
    It doesn’t recognize my email address. I tried to reset the password, but it appears to be the address.
    I signed up with Does your records show that?

    1. Nik

      I’ve just emailed you at that address as I couldn’t find your details!

  4. Henry Haley

    I subscribed to your premium content. I did not receive an email, but went to your Twitter account. It says I must be logged in to view the Outlook, but there is nowhere on the site to log in.

    Henry Haley

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