Market Outlook #110

Market Outlook #110

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. martin vojkuvka

    good work Nik
    I would be interested in the opinion on DNT?
    DNT / BTC is consolidating and still needs time, but it looks like it could run higher
    I speculate that it is the cheapest on Coinbase
    Thank you

  2. nv9

    Thanks for this outlook Nik.

    I was wondering if you’re still in NKN?
    It got a lot of very positive news yet the price barely moves compared to many other alts.
    Do you think it’s eventually going to explode?

    Same question about ARK.

    I got rid of both (and now I can tel it was a good decision) but I’m still thinking on buying back in.

    1. Nik


      Yep very much still positioned in NKN and have added to my position below 80 satoshis. It has never really experienced a bull cycle so I think there’s plenty of upside.

      I’m not in ARK at the moment as I think there are better opportunities around.

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