Market Outlook #108

Market Outlook #108

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Guy Brooks

    Hi Nick

    Joined up last week and a total newbie , enjoying the book !
    just a quick one for now , when you talk about an open and close what does that mean as the markets never close ?? does that relate to the time frame being discussed , appreciate your time , thanks in advance

    1. Nik

      Hey Guy,

      Whilst technically the market is never closed, there are distinct times at which candles end and other candles begin – for Daily candles, this is 12am GMT, so I am referring to that time when I talk about a daily open or close. Hope that helps.

  2. Steven Durksen

    Hi Nik have you thought of doing follow up article to last year’s ” Which Altcoins Will Outperform Bitcoin in 2020″ for 2021?

    1. Nik

      Not yet, but it’s definitely something I’ll look at updating soon.

  3. massimo cortesi

    Hi Nick, good work as usual…I have a question for you. I am interested in the pair of the various altcoins against BTC but I sold them all last week. What should I do in your opinion? Many thanks

    1. Nik

      I think altcoins are beginning a period of outperformance against BTC to be honest. It looks like Bitcoin dominance is ready to move towards 50% in the next few weeks.

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