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The only current means by which to have your coin featured on the blog is to book in a Sponsored Post spot or to win a quarterly community poll. Both of these guarantee a Coin Report to be published on the blog.

Sponsored Post spots are currently priced at $2250.

A Coin Report is a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of the fundamental and technical strengths and weaknesses of your project. These are often 5,000 words in length (or longer), and take me, on average, 20 hours to research, compile and publish, hence having to charge for them, in order to recompense opportunity costs.

Within the reports, I calculate and analyse all relevant metrics, some of which I have devised myself, as well as evaluate the project’s community, its development, value proposition and future ambitions, plus its price-history and other aspects of technical analysis, culminating in a grading out of 10.

After the reports are published to the blog, I also create a condensed infographic that is emailed out to subscribers.

Further, as a result of the blog’s partnership with Binance Info, projects that have a Coin Report published to the blog will also have the report republished to Binance Info, to their 500,000+ monthly visitors.

If you’d like your coin featured in a Coin Report on the blog, please email me: nik@altcointradershandbook.com

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