L1 Ecosystem Plays for 2022: Part Two

Continuing from the previous post in which I highlighted 32 projects from 5 interesting L1 ecosystems, I thought I would provide a second list, given I had missed out a couple of important L1 ecosystems and had yet to publish a list of projects on Ethereum itself that I am also looking at. As such, in this post, you will find another 16 projects from the following ecosystems: Ethereum, Harmony and Zilliqa.


L1 Ecosystem Plays for 2022

Below, I have provided a list of L1 ecosystems that I am interested in for the remainder of Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, along with corresponding projects that look particularly attractive. There are 32 projects listed across 5 L1 ecosystems and before we begin taking a look at them, I would like to highlight the fact that these have been selected primarily due to their charts, market caps and other metrics, as well as sector, as opposed to any deep fundamental analysis of the projects themselves, and that I also do not yet have a position in the majority of them.