Market Outlook #22

Market Outlook #22 (10th February 2019) Hello, and welcome to the 22nd Market Outlook. We've finally seen some expansive price-action after weeks of consolidation, but we certainly aren't out of the woods yet. That being said, much of what was expected in last week's Market Outlook has played out, and…


Market Outlook #21

Market Outlook #21 (3rd February 2019) Welcome to the 21st Market Outlook. After this past week's price-action, we certainly seem to be in a precarious and decisive position concerning the market as a whole. Much has occurred, with local support levels swept across-the-board, but there have been very interesting reactions…


Market Outlook #20

Market Outlook #20 (27th January 2019) Welcome to the 20th Market Outlook. That's somewhat of a milestone, is it not? And what does the past week of price-action present us by way of celebration? In short, f all. Whilst not technically true, we have just witnessed another week of consolidation…

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